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Are you on track for good oral hygiene?

October is National Dental Hygiene Month and for the next 31 days we will be discussing the benefits of Good Oral Hygiene and its effects on your overall health and well-being. In this first week we welcome you to The DC Dentist a Holistic, Biological & Eco-Friendly Dental...

Two Big Veggie Festivals

The DC Dentist is joining Vegan SoulFest in Baltimore on Saturday, August 25, 2018, and DC VegFest on Saturday, September 15, 2018 2018. Dr. Terry Victor will speak at Vegan SoulFest and will be available for personal engagement at DC VegFest. Stop by our booth at either FREE...

Include Dental Visit on Back to School List

You’ve received the list of supplies and clothing requests in preparation for back to school but, is visiting the dentist anywhere on your child’s back to school plan? The DC Dentist encourages parents to make dental check up’s priority #1 before school starts. Dental visits are...

My Favorite Fruits and Vegetables By The DC Dentist Staff

Do you enjoy your fruits and vegetables? We know they are the healthier option when it comes to eating, they are nature’s suppliers of sweetness, vitamins, minerals and protein. The healthier your eating habits the more your teeth and gums will thank you. As your holistic dental...

The DC Dentist speaks at Howard University Dental School

Visiting Howard University is always a pleasure. We were invited by Tayler Jackson, President of the Holistic Dental Student Association at Howard; to speak about our Holistic, Biological and Eco-Friendly practice. Dr. Terry Victor and Dr. Jada Daniel spoke to the Dental students...

Best of DC 2018

We give thanks for the honor of being named Best Dentist in the Washington City Paper’s Best of DC. As the first Holistic, Biological & Eco-Friendly Dental Office on the East Coast it is quite an honor to be named Best of DC. We consider our patients to be the world’s best...


During December we tend to be family driven as we make a stronger effort to spend more time with family and friends in a relaxed atmosphere. This is also the perfect time to work towards health and prosperity as well as the health of family and friends. Join us as we look inward...

Shop Small Business Saturday, November 25th

We invite you to Shop Small Business Saturday on November 25th here at our office, 509 11th St. SE near Eastern Market. We will offer a tour of our holistic, biological and eco-friendly dental office as well as have a Yoga Class, space is limited so please register early. Yoga...

National Toothbrush Day, November 1st

In celebration of National Toothbrush Day, November 1st, The DC Dentist will be giving away FREE toothbrushes when you schedule your appointment, while supplies last. We want you to connect the importance of brushing your teeth at home with coming to see your dentist every 6...

The DC Dentist Candy Buy Back Program

The DC Dentist Candy Buy Back Program November 1, 2017 to November 8, 2017. Call 202-544-3626 for further details.
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