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January 2017

25 Ways to Love Yourself & Your Toothbrush

We are gearing up for all the love that will be showered as cupid gets ready to pull his arrow on or around February 14th. As always, we want you to be able to put our best smile forward. We recommend a visit to The DC Dentist in preparation for the big day. Give us a call at...

Top 25 Ways to Love Your Toothbrush

Wondering if you’re using your toothbrush properly or even to its fullest potential? Our hygienists are happy to assist you in the proper brushing, flossing and rinsing techniques. It’s what we do! We love questions, it shows your concern for your overall health. Start your year...

The DC Dentist in Contention for Sustainability Award

“If everyone does a little we can do a lot to save our earth,” says Dr. Terry Victor of The DC Dentist. A finalist for the Department of Energy and Environment Sustainability People’s Choice Awards for 2016, The DC Dentist promotes the connection between oral health and overall...

This article appears in Natural Awakenings January 2017 issue

The Importance of Holistic Dentistry by Dr. Terry Victor Dentists everywhere often hear from their patients, “How do my teeth impact on my health, since they are just teeth. Right?” A good dentist then begins an explanation of how all aspects and systems of the body a...
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